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DSL PHANTOM 3000 (ADSL Interception Solution - Lawful Interception)

TraceSpan™ has leveraged patent-pending technology to provide innovative and unique solutions for the monitoring and recording of data across ADSL broadband networks. The company's flagship product, DSL Xpert™, has broken new ground as the first non-intrusive performance-analysis solution for ADSL networks. Empowered by host-based signal processing, DSL Xpert™ monitors the transfer of all data between the central office (CO) and customer premise equipment (CPE).

By further leveraging of our core technology, TraceSpan™ has developed the DSL Phantom™ Lawful Interception (LI) monitoring solution. DSL Phantom™ is a monitoring device that records and stores broadband digital information, offering unique advantages for Law Enforcement Authorities (LEA) looking to capture any data between the central office and the target.

DSL Phantom™ operates on a powerful platform that supports high bit rates, enabling it to monitor information more effectively. DSL Phantom™ can be installed at virtually anylocation (Central Office or Street), while the data can be monitored at a remote location. DSL Phantom™ is a completely non-intrusive, allowing the law enforcement agency to monitor information without being detected.


Download: PHANTOM3000_LI_Brochure-127.pdf