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FHP 2A02, FHP 2A04, FHP 2B02 & FHP 2B04 Optical Power Meter

  • Referencing function
  • Memory capacity of 1000 data items, enables data transfer to a PC via USB connection
  • LCD backlight for easy operation in darker environments
  • More connectors are optional and interchangeable by the user
  • Two powering systems: Internal rechargeable batteries or AC adaptor
  • Wide dynamic range and high power measurement capability
  • High accuracy and Stabilized
  • Auto-off function: saves the power and low power consumption allows extended operation in the field
  • Three-year warranty and recommended calibration interval

Download: brosur-FHP-2A02,-FHP-2A04,-FHP-2B02-&-FHP-2B04-Optical-Power-Meter-95.pdf


FHS 2D02 dan FHS 2D03 Optical Laser Source

  • Easy-to-use, straight forward operation
  • Eye-catching handheld package
  • LCD backlight for easy operation in dark environments
  • ±3dB Adjustable by the user.
  • Rechargeable battery inside
  • 850 & 1300 availale for multimode testing
  • Three-year warranty and recommended calibration interval.

Download: brosur-FHS-2D02-dan-FHS-2D03-Optical-Laser-Source-95.pdf


Mini Laser Source

The FHS series offer excellent stability and portability for accurate fiber optic testing. Single output port provides stable laserpower at dualwavelength. The compact unit operates in either continuous wave (CW) mode or modulated mode. A low battery indicator reminds the user of replacing the battery.

Download: brosur-Mini-Laser-Source-95.pdf


Mini Power Meter

The FHP series of Power Meter are designed for use with an Optical Source for performing optical loss measurements on fiber optic cables.

Download: brosur-Mini-Power-Meter-95.pdf



Grandway optical termination cabinet provides a high density wall-mounted or pole-mounted solution for next generation networks, which aims to provide and manage maximum numbers of fiber termination in a limited space. It is normally placed in the outdoor wall of living building, installed in the way of wall-mounted or pole-mounted.

Download: brosur-ODC48F-95.pdf


Optical Fiber Identifier (OFI 3)

  • Detect a variety of optical tones, 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz
  • Powered by 2 units of 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
  • RB0.25mm, RB0.9mm, RB3.0mm plungers available

Download: brosur-Optical-Fiber-Identifier-(OFI-3)-95.pdf


Visual Fault Locator VLS-8



Visual Fault Locator is typically used to inspect damaged or broken point of an optical fiber, cable or patch cord. The leaking red light from the damage reveals the faulty spot. It has attractive design, small size and very easy to operate.