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The Smart Marker SM1500 is an electric passive equipment with ID number.  It is assigned for permanent marking of selected point under the ground. Smart  Marker SM 1500 provides the best and most accurate method how to precisely  trace and locate all types of buried facilities such:

• Optical cables
• Power cables
• Water pipelines
• Sewage pipelines
• Gas Pipelines
• Non drinkable water pipelines
Smart Marker SM1500 is buried over the key facilities during construction or  maintenance. The pre-programmed unique serial number of each Smart Marker SM1500  provides precise and clear marking of each important point of the buried facility (joints,  connections, change of direction etc.). Later, the Smart Marker SM1500 is easily, fast  and accurately located by using of the SML locator. The GPS module inbuilt inside the  SML locator highly reduces the time of locating each Smart Marker SM1500. SML locator  automatically stores all data about the detected Smart Marker SM1500 into internal  memory. Data about each Smart Marker SM1500 include following information:
• GPS coordinates of the marker location
• User text description of marker
• Serial number of marker
MARKER 2500 is designed for deep excavations  where detecting up to 1.8 m is needed. In the past it  was the most used marker for marking of all types  of underground devices
LONG MARKER is an innovation of flat analog  markers. The parameters and principle of usage  is similar like in case of Marker 2500. The main  difference is in the reading range. New construction  of the Long MARKER enables to increase the reading  range of this marker up to 2.5 m
MAR 100-3D is ball analog marker. It is  ideal solution for narrow excavations. The biggest advantage of MAR 100-3D is the  spherical characteristic of the electromagnetic field  of this marker. This reduces installation time of the  ball marker. Strong PE cover of the MAR 100-3D  provides perfect protection of the marker even in  the extreme conditions. Two holders on the PE cover  enable to fix MAR 100-3D to your underground  device by tape


Download: KOMPLEX-Marker-TechnicalSpec.pdf