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SML is portable device designed for precise and fast localization and detection of all analog markers and Smart Marker SM1500.

The GPS module inbuilt inside the SML locator highly reduces the time of locating of Markers. SML automatically stores all data about each Marker into locator´s internal memory. The virtual keyboard enables to type text user information about each detected marker.

SML provides also measuring of depth of the markers. Later is easily to connect SML locator with PC via USB cable and share all data about your markers with the unique Marker Database software

SML Specifications

Operating temperature

-20 ºC to +60 ºC

Storage temperature

-20 ºC to +60 ºC

Marker depth measurement accuracy

+/- 10 % up to marker specification

GPS navigation

YES, inbuilt GPS module

Operating frequency

SML G1 – 83,0 kHz 

SML T1 – 101,4 kHz

SML S1 – 121,6 kHz

SML E1 – 134,0 kHz, 169,8 kHz 

SML W1 – 145,7 kHz

Dimensions (height x width x depth)

225 x 240 x 210 mm

Weight of device with antenna

Max. 4 kg

Memory capacity (Rewritable memory)

8000 marker records

Display type

Backlight LCD screen, 4 x 20 digits

Communication with PC

USB cable

Battery life

45 working hours

Primary battery cells, voltage 1,5 V

Dimension according to IEC R 14

10 pcs.


Marker Database software is the worldwide unique software for your markers. It is the best  way how to manage data about your buried  facilities. 

It enables you the following advantages:

• Edit data about your markers and underground facilities
• Manage your data about markers and underground facilities
• Share your data with your partners all over the world by  using our safe web Cloud Database service
• Export your data to SHP format for GIS systems
• Export and watch your markers and networks in the Google maps
Price & Further information : 
021-42873538 or admin@ssk.co.id