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Key Fetures
• Optional DOCSIS 3.0 Integrated Modem
• Fast 1 GHz Spectrum Analyzer with 1,000 MHz Span and 1 MHz to 30 kHz RBW
• Field upgradeable to CM3800 with Sweep, Advanced Spectrum Analyzer and other options via simple firmware upgrades.
• Future proof flexible and upgradeable DSP software defined receiver technology.
• Ultra Fast Mini-Scan and Scan feature with tilt & Peak-to-Valley.
• Integrated DOCSIS® 2.0 analyzer with advanced 1 GHz SLM and QAM analyzer
• WiFi 802.11g Wireless USB Adapter option
• 6.4” full VGA, color touch screen (daylight visible)
• Field replaceable 4+ hour continuous operation battery pack
• BPI+ and PacketCable™ digital certificates installed
• Weather and shock resistant
• Net-Tools: ping, trace, throughput and IP details via WiFi, Ethernet and cable modem
• Additional applications for live search, Telnet, SNMP, FTP, Remote Desktop plus options for WiFi, Signature Capture and more

Download: Brosur-CM3000-90.pdf